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“Hassle Free Car Buying Experiences”

Bottom Line Auto Brokers is the premier auto broker in Calgary, AB. Headquartered in Calgary, Bottom Line Auto Brokers specializes in vehicle negotiation and will import vehicles from the US. As your auto broker, Bottom Line saves you the hassles and time involvement that come with buying a car directly from a dealership.

Justin Wong, President and Auto Consultant at Bottom Line Auto Brokers uses a transparent car-buying system which protects customers from being overcharged and makes the buying process more convenient. All of this is meant to save you time, stress and money on your vehicle purchase in Calgary. When you purchase a new or used vehicle, either locally or importing from the U.S., you will be dealing with professional negotiators. On average, a car salesperson sells 2-3 vehicles per week, yet the average customer only buys a vehicle every 2-3 years.

In real estate, it is common to hire a professional to represent your interests and negotiate the best price on your behalf. Why not do the same with your vehicle? With Justin Wong and Bottom Line Auto Brokers, you will have professional representation and confidence in knowing that you are receiving the best price for your new vehicle!

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