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Calgary ChiropractorDr. Evan Durnin, BSc., DC – Chiropractor

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Peak Health & Performance consists of a team of healthcare professionals that specialize in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.  We are a multidisciplinary clinic that provides innovative care for improved health and optimized wellbeing. Our health services currently include: Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy, Nutrition Consultation, Contemporary Medical Acupuncture, ART® (Active Release Techniques), Electrotherapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Pre-habilitation, Graston, Exercise Prescription, Custom Orthotics, and Custom Bracing.

At Peak Health & Performance we strive to exceed patient satisfaction with optimal, individualized, and quality patient care.  We believe that offering evidence informed therapy by highly qualified practitioners in a warm and friendly environment, is of utmost importance for excellent patient care. The goal of our  health clinic is to provide you with outstanding health care and  get you back to feeling better, functioning more optimally, and performing at your best!  We welcome people of all ages with wide ranging health care needs. Our therapies can provide effective relief from many conditions, including: sports injuries, pregnancy related pain, geriatric pain, chronic overuse injuries, workplace injuries, and paediatric issues.

peak health calgary chiropractor

peak health calgary chiropractor

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